Frequently Asked Questions

How much seatime do I need to attend one of your maritime courses?

This varies for all courses but generally, for those starting out in cadet programmes, no seatime is required. For all other commercial and foreign going tickets you should either contact the New Zealand Maritime School for further guidance or visit the Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) website at

How do I find out if I have the required seatime?

All decisions on eligibility are made by Maritime New Zealand who are responsible for the verification of all seatime for MNZ courses. Candidates should apply directly to MNZ to have their seatime verified but can check with the New Zealand Maritime School in the first instance if unsure about how much seatime is required for a specific course.

Can I attend full-time or part-time?

A number of programmes are offered in a modular format so it is possible for students to attend for periods of time and return to work before returning to study further at a later date. Depending on the programme, modules may be offered more than once in a year for further flexibility. Some shipping and freight business courses are offered as either full-time or distance learning formats but students should check with programme leaders as to their suitability.

How do I book into a course?

You can book over the phone or in-person at the New Zealand Maritime School to hold a place on a course, but your place will not be confirmed until an enrolment form is received from you with supporting documentation.

When do I have to enrol and pay?

Enrolment is generally arranged when you book onto a course but must be completed before attendance at a course. In the case of ancillary courses where there are limited spaces available, you may have to book and pay well in advance to hold your place. For full-time courses, payment is due by the first day of the course.

For international students, payment must be made in order to obtain a visa so this is generally arranged some time in advance of the student arriving in New Zealand.

Am I eligible for loans or allowances?

Generally, students need to be enrolled for at least 12 weeks full-time for a course to be eligible for a loan or allowance. Check in the first instance with the New Zealand Maritime School whether the course you wish to enrol in is covered by loans or allowances.

To find out if you're eligible to apply or for more information, please contact StudyLink on call 0800 88 99 00 or visit the StudyLink website