Engine Room Simulator

Full Mission Engine Room Simulator

The New Zealand Maritime School installed a Transas full mission engine room simulator in 2010 complete with full machinery control room hardware in a purpose built dual room arrangement.

The simulator has five ship types with differing main propulsion arrangements, including product tanker, container vessel, RO-RO vessel, general cargo vessel and passenger cruise vessel operating with either fixed pitch prop direct coupled to a slow speed large bore diesel engine, variable pitch prop coupled through gearboxes to medium speed marine diesel engines or azipod propulsion units driven through a "power station" medium speed diesel arrangement. All vessels have an appropriate range of auxiliary equipment including high and low pressure steam systems and turbo alternators.

The engine room simulator can be coupled to the Transas Full Mission Bridge Simulator to enable combined training exercises to be conducted.

Supplementing the Full Mission Engine Room Simulator is an adjacent 24 seat computer lab which is used primarily for simulator applications and includes all the ship models available within the Full Mission simulator. Students can use these desk top units for systems familiarisation training prior to experiencing and managing exercises in the Full Mission unit.

The engine room simulator can be utilised for a range of training scenarios at both the operational and management level and meets all STCW requirements and is DnVGL type approved.